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Beware of the “Invisible” Officers on Patrol this Holiday!

December 13, 2013

This time of year we all look forward to celebrating the holidays with our friends and family. It seems our calendars are packed with parties, plays, visitations, and holiday events. Yes it’s a great time of the year. However, as every law enforcement officers knows, the holidays are also a dangerous time to be on the road.

This holiday season, in an effort to crack down on those who drink and drive, law enforcement will be deploying a new tool:  “invisible” officers. Yep, you heard me right “invisible” officers. Under the veil of invisibility, these officers will be able to take action before tragedy strikes and save countless lives. To see how this program will works just click on the link below and watch this video:

Well, I have to admit that we don’t have any invisible officers, at least not yet. But you get the point, and it would be great if we did, as it would certainly save a lot of lives. Until we do, we will have to go after those who drink or “get buzzed” and drive the old fashioned way. That means we will educate the public, and ask for their help, and then we will target suspect drivers and hopefully get them off the road before they kill themselves and or others.  

According to the folks at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this year 27 people will die in drunk driving crashes in the month of December alone. This is part of the reason they created the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.  These deaths are totally preventable and we must do everything we can to stop this senseless loss of life.

So what can you do help stop drunk driving? I am glad you asked.

You can visit the NHSTA website and:

·       Print posters and put then up where people will see them.

·       Post the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” Icon on your Facebook.

·       Download wallpaper for your desktop.

·       Make your personal pledge to not drive drunk or buzzed.

·       Share the TV spots and other videos on the NHSTA website with friends and family.

·       Remind your friends that cops are out there looking for drunk drivers.

If we all do our part, we can make this a safer holiday season for everyone. In closing, I want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!