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Bill Powers and Roger Bouchard Named Honorary Sheriffs

July 14, 2015

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA), one of the largest and most successful state law-enforcement associations in the nation, is pleased to announce that it has named two new Honorary Sheriffs. Roger Bouchard of Live Oak and Bill Powers of Tallahassee accepted this honor yesterday at the Florida Sheriffs Association’s Summer Conference in Fort Lauderdale. 

“It was an honor to award both men the title of Honorary Sheriff,” said FSA Executive Director Steve Casey. “Throughout the years, both Bill and Roger’s support for the Florida Sheriffs Association has been constant, and I’m glad to see their efforts recognized with this new title.”

Bill Powers and Roger Bouchard were presented the honorary title based on their years of service and support for law enforcement and the Florida Sheriffs Association. Bill spent his early career practicing labor law in both the private and public sector before eventually becoming chairman of the Public Employees Relations Commission. After leaving PERC and starting his own private practice, Bill offered advice to sheriffs and their staff, as well as defending sheriffs in employment cases. Bill was also instrumental in establishing a hotline that provides legal advice to sheriffs, and is still widely used today. Bill would eventually serve as the General Counsel of the FSA before finally retiring in 2011.

Like Bill, Roger was selfless in his service to the FSA. After being appointed President of the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches, Roger was able to successfully breathe life into a program that was over one million dollars in debt by the time he took over. While fixing and re-structuring the program, Roger served on the National Sheriff’s Association committee as well as participating in several Sheriff’s initiatives. Roger was quickly recognized as one of the most committed leaders in the state, and often appeared before the Florida House to support not only the Youth Ranches program but the law enforcement community as a whole. 

By being such a positive force within the Florida Sheriffs Association, both men deserved nothing short of this honorary title.