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Sheriffs & Personnel

Associate Membership & More

Our goal is to provide sheriffs and sheriffs’ office personnel with valuable resources, connectivity to peers, and support in your important role within law enforcement.

This includes an Associate Membership for being a member of a sheriff’s office. This includes several benefits, including:

  • Free online training available for all sheriffs’ employees. Available courses include leadership, ethics, and much more.
  • Access to the online directory of sheriff’s office personnel and personnel identified by sheriffs as subject matter experts in more than 40 specializations.
  • FSA Connect: Individuals can benefit from the network of peer-to peer community collaboration in this platform. As a diverse state, sheriffs’ office employees have tested and vetted many ideas, methods, and best practices to solve challenges. This resource is here to assist sheriffs’ office personnel in expanding their impact by using peers in other counties.

Sheriff’s Office Employment Applications

The following employment applications are available for Sheriffs’ Offices to customize for their own use. These documents have been reviewed by employment lawyers to make sure they are legally compliant. They are not for use by prospective employees of Sheriffs’ Offices. If you intend to apply for a position, contact the Sheriff’s Office directly to assure you have the correct employment application.

For more information, contact us.