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Jail Supplemental Medication Program

The Florida Sheriffs Association Jail Supplemental Medication Program benefits counties through streamlining processes and cost savings on prescription medication dispensed to inmates.

Smaller jails often have little leverage to lower the cost of medications, and often pay full retail prices. The program’s selected provider, InMedRx, has a small jail savings program geared specifically for jails with a population under 150-200 and are not currently serviced by a correctional pharmacy.

InMedRx provides the following solutions:

  • Lower medication costs – InMedRx uses their large purchasing power to negotiate with retail pharmacies and receives 20 to 40 percent discount off retail rates.
  • No extra steps and keep the spend local – InMedRx has over 70,000 retail pharmacies in their network, so finding a local pharmacy in small towns is not an issue. Simply provide the InMedRx pharmacy card to receive the discounted price.
  • There are NO program or start-up fees and transparent billing – Upon providing the card to your local pharmacist, the pharmacy bills InMedRx and InMedRx then bills the agency, showing the actual savings on each medication.
  • Specialty Medication Access – InMedRx has a network of specialty pharmacies that provide deep discounts on these expensive and hard to find medications when you need them.
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Release Medication Program

InMedRx created a unique release medication program to better manage the risks and costs associated with traditional release programs. The program provides individuals with a pharmacy card upon release, which allows them to fill their release medications at a local pharmacy rather than providing a supply of medication at release.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Better management of unpredictable release dates and improving staff productivity by eliminating shift disruptions when nurses must take time to prepare release medications.
  • Ensures all patients receive access to release medications, which can be challenging when release dates and times are unpredictable.
  • Agency only pays for medications dispensed at pharmacies, which provides cost savings and eliminates the immediate discarding of medications by individuals upon release, which is a common occurrence.
  • The program includes a portal that allows agencies to track pick up rates for mental health or high-risk patients and can be used as a tool for reducing recidivism.

More Information or Enrollment

InMedRx is a staple in the corrections industry, servicing federal and state corrections facilities, and hundreds of jails across the country with these innovative pharmacy programs. To receive more information or to enroll in the Jail Supplemental Medication Program, please contact InMedRx representative Mark Parker by phone or email.