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General Programs

Florida Jail Information System


Provided by the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA)
Using JusticeXchange by Appriss, Inc.

FJIS Login

Available: To all Sheriff’s Office staff through the Florida Sheriffs Association’s unlimited license.

What it is: FJIS provides a multi-jurisdictional database and search engine for criminal justice agencies. It was developed to bridge the information gap by giving these agencies a central location to post and search data in an easy and inexpensive manner.

How it works: FJIS gives criminal justice professionals an instant, up-to-date database of booking records, incident reports and other data from thousands of agencies across the country. Users are able to perform several types of searches. For Florida, these searches include name, similar names and description. Users can create watches to be notified via email when a person or vehicle they are looking for has been entered into the FJIS database. Creating photo lineups is also an important feature of the program.

Profile: Each user is allowed to change their own basic information including name, title, work number and password. The primary email address can be changed through the Agency Administrator. Watch hits can be delivered to additional email addresses.

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What is possible:

  • Locate offenders
  • Set up watches for wanted persons, suspects or unregistered sex offenders
  • Query criminal justice databases at once
  • Create wanted posters
  • Create photo line-ups

While not all inclusive, the following are some of the uses of the FJIS system:

  • Search for and monitor incarceration of sex offenders, probationers/parolees, suspects, wanted individuals, auto thieves and missing persons
  • Review addresses to locate wanted offenders
  • Research information to help locate individuals to serve new and old warrants
  • Create photo lineups and wanted posters
  • Use photos for missing-person cases
  • Review bond information
  • Look up individuals who have missed their court date
  • Key information source for investigations by local, state and federal investigators
  • Review previous arrest information
  • Use photos to compare webcam and security camera footage
  • Confirm information provided by a suspect, such as a statement by an individual that he didn’t commit a crime because he was locked up in a jail in another state or in-state jurisdiction at the time
  • Review incarceration histories of offenders (locations and time)
  • Search for violators of court-ordered child and spousal support payments
  • Investigations of disability fraud
  • Automatic alert capability (WATCH) to notify users when a specific suspect has been booked in any of the 950 jails supported by JusticeXchange

Why it is effective:

  • Information is refreshed every hour
  • Delivers offender data from 30+ states, making it the most complete network of local jail data available
  • Contains more than 22 million booking records and is growing on average by 500,000 per month.
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Available informational reports:

Currently incarcerated – This report has the ability to search for a specific offender or bring back a list of all offenders currently incarcerated in a designated facility. The information may be sorted by booking date, date of birth and last name.

Person of interest – This report has the ability to pull a list of all persons of interest that a specific agency is looking for. These persons of interest can also be added to the database to let others know who you are looking for.

Recently booked – This report will search for offenders in a specific facility who have been booked in the last 24, 48 or 72 hours. The information may be sorted by booking date, date of birth and last name.

Accessible data – This report includes the reporting agency’s name, ORI, data being reported, beginning date of data, the date data was first received and the date data was last received from an agency.

Search information on a specific person: There are two types of person searches: Logic and Exact. A Logic search will return matches that phonetically sound alike, are spelled similarly and have numbers that may be slightly transposed. It is an effective tool in helping locate individuals who may change the spelling of their last name or switch the digits of their date of birth when encountering law enforcement. An Exact search will return only those records that match your search criteria exactly. Within this search, a user can select name, unique identifiers (such as SSN or driver’s license number) and/or physical characteristics to search for an offender. Users have the ability to further narrow or broaden their search by selecting all record types or specific record types to be searched, such as bookings. Users may also narrow or broaden their search by selecting what locations they want searched.

Set up a “watch” for a specific person: There are two types of watches available: Person and Vehicle. Watches allow users to monitor the database for suspects and/or vehicles automatically. Once the watch has been entered into the system, it will continually monitor new data for possible matches. Person watches have the ability to look for arrest reports, bookings, incident reports, traffic citations and warrants that contain the offender’s name. Vehicle watches have the ability to look for citations and incident reports that contain specific vehicle information. To utilize the Watch function, you must have a valid email address in your profile. When the system has a hit, you will be emailed.

Help is available: FJIS has a Help section and online user manual. For questions that are not answered by the user’s manual, contact the Apprise Customer First Center at 1-877-502-2501 or via email.

How to register:

  1. Any Sheriff’s Office in Florida is eligible to join. An agency administrator needs to be designated. That person ensures the agency has access, then sends a list of staff who are authorized by the agency to register for a personnel ID to use the service.
  2. Log on here. Near the bottom of the home page, click on “new user? Register here.”
  3. Read statement and click box for “I agree.”
  4. Enter the agency ORI number. (A statement will appear if the ORI number has not yet been approved.)
  5.  Complete the required information, then submit.
  6.  FSA will verify authorization.