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Florida Human Trafficking Committee

While conducting investigations, our sheriffs’ offices often encounter the victims of human trafficking.  Many of these victims are young, frightened, have no resources of their own, and are under the physical or psychological control of one or more persons that are treating them as property to be bought and sold. When encountered by law enforcement, they are usually taken into protective custody.

To respond to this circumstance, our sheriffs have established the Florida Human Trafficking Committee with the mission to identify, recover, and stabilize the victims of human trafficking and bring to justice predators who exploit this human suffering to make our communities safer.

The goal is to partner with the Office of the Attorney General, concerned non-profits, and the public to address the global crime of human trafficking. Funding for the recovery and stabilization of victims and pro-active investigations may be granted to sheriffs by the committee upon request from the Florida Human Trafficking Victims Fund.