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Purchasing Program

Florida Sheriffs 1122 Program

The Florida Sheriffs Association 1122 Program allows state and local government agencies to save money used in counter-drug, homeland security and emergency management operations by taking advantage of federal discounts and realizing a significant savings. Some agencies have reported savings of between 50 and 75 percent. All state and local government agencies who include these areas as part of their operations may benefit from these savings.


Participating agencies may benefit from savings on a wide variety of items, including:

  • Aviation repair parts
  • Boats
  • Cameras and accessories
  • Criminal investigative equipment and supplies
  • Canine items
  • Clothing and boots
  • Computer software
  • Drones
  • Drug tests
  • Firefighting and rescue equipment
  • Generators and batteries
  • Handheld radios
  • Lab equipment
  • Law Enforcement and security equipment
  • Tools