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Florida sheriffs can get the resources they need to best serve their community through these Florida Sheriffs Association grants. The FSA’s Board of Directors established three unique grant opportunities to support sheriffs by providing direct funding to the sheriff’s office.

This program meets two of the FSA’s strategic plan goals:

  • To provide effective and timely support, training, and information exchange for Florida’s sheriffs
  • To foster effective law enforcement, crime prevention and apprehension of criminals and protection of life and property of the citizens of Florida.

Three programs were established and then funded starting in 2019. Since then, more than $4.9 million of FSA funds have been provided to sheriffs’ offices. This would not have been possible without our members and donors supporting these programs.

Thank you!

To give back through FSA’s grant programs click below.

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These grants are designed to assist small and medium sized offices with equipment and training that is necessary to ensure Florida’s communities are protected.

Bulletproof Vest Program

Saving lives is the essential element of public safety. This program protects those who protect us by purchasing bulletproof vests when new deputies arrive and replenishing vests when the expiration date mandates replacement.

During the 2021-22 fiscal year, FSA awarded 21 sheriffs’ offices with nearly $256,357, which will buy 320 bulletproof vests, for deputies, marine patrol and K-9s.

Over the life of this grant program, FSA has contributed more than $780,115 directly to sheriffs’ offices to purchase 982 bulletproof vests.

When we asked FSA’s Honorary Members to contribute to this life-saving program, our members contributed more than $208,000 to assist our efforts. We thank you!

Training Scholarship Program

The purpose of this program is to give staff from fiscally constrained sheriffs’ offices opportunities to attend FSA conferences and training events. FSA strives to provide free training to sheriffs, deputies and other personnel. However, some training events have a registration fee, and many offices even have difficulty in funding per diem, mileage and hotel costs.

The scholarships will reimburse agencies so their staff can attend FSA training events at no cost. This allows more personnel to receive leadership training and network with the industry’s leading technology providers.

So far this fiscal year, $23,900 has been awarded to sheriffs’ offices for this program.

Shared Asset Program

The sharing of resources enhances sheriffs’ abilities to respond to the needs of their communities as well as their neighboring sheriffs when in need. The program provides funds for assets that can be shared regionally, such as boats, utility terrain vehicles, drones, and speed trailers.

During the 2021-22 fiscal year, FSA awarded 13 sheriffs’ offices more than $1,112,765 to purchase resources to share in protecting and serving the State of Florida. Shared assets make sheriffs stronger – whether through coordinated Florida Sheriffs Task Force efforts or responding to natural disasters and other emergencies.