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Florida Sheriffs Task Force

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About the Task Force

One of the strengths of the Florida Sheriffs Association is the ability to pool resources from the 67 sheriffs’ offices to address specific areas of concern. After Florida’s Mutual Aid Act took effect in 1984, the sheriffs were given a better system for working together during emergency operations, including built-in legal protections. The Florida sheriffs took this a step further by creating a structure to launch proactive efforts, including establishing operation protocols and Command Advisory Teams with specific expertise, including hostage negotiations, forensics and civil disturbance.

The first statewide task force operation, held in July 1989, was organized to address the growing crack cocaine problem. It involved more than 1,500 law enforcement officers from various counties and resulted in 2,224 arrests. Since then, the Florida Sheriffs Task Force operations have gained national recognition, including an effort that removed $1.5 million of prescription drugs from the street, a crackdown on “Deadbeat Dads,” and mass arrests of sexual predators. The Florida Sheriffs Task Force also is the point of contact for statewide initiatives, including helping to staff the state Emergency Operations Center and coordinating sheriffs’ offices responding to storm-ravaged communities during hurricanes and other catastrophic disasters.

Operation Safe Kids

Operation Safe Kids, a strategic initiative in 42 Florida counties that called attention to traffic safety in and around schools to ensure that children had a safe return to school from Summer Break. During the Task Force Operation Safe Kids, Florida’s sheriffs issued 7,218 warnings and 5,171 traffic citations, dedicated 5,900 hours during the enforcement period, delivered 5,520 educational messages and posted 80,674 social media messages throughout the state.

Operation Loose Wire 2021

Operation Loose Wire was an initiative focused on reducing the number of livestock that are at large, as well as cases of neglect. This operation also located and prosecuted individuals who are illegally dumping waste material. During this month-long operation, 225 external messages were developed and distributed to citizens and 88 citizen education events were hosted across Florida

Operation Breaking Chains 2021

Operation Breaking Chains involved 16 Florida counties that focused on reducing human trafficking throughout the state and prosecuting those responsible for trafficking individuals. The month-long operation resulted in 29 victims being recovered, 31 traffickers were identified, and a total of 363 arrests took place

Operation Hallowed Streets 2019

The operation, conducted by 18 counties, targeted sexual offenders/predators to ensure they are compliant with their obligations and the Florida State Statutes. During this operation, 4,956 compliance checks were conducted and 17 arrests were made and/or warrants were issued

Operation Knot Lit 2019

This strategic initiative, conducted in 33 Florida counties, focused on education and enforcement of Florida’s roads and waterways to ensure the safety of our commuters. During this operation, 3,105 warnings and 3,144 traffic/boating citations were issued, and 892 arrests were made.

Operation School Zone Safety 2019

This strategic initiative, conducted in 40 Florida counties, focused on providing a high level of patrol in school zones to ensure that children had a safe return to school from Spring Break. During this operation, 4,040 warnings and 2,819 traffic citations were issued and 105 arrests were made.

Other Task Force Operations

Mutual Aid

The Florida sheriffs updated and signed two Mutual Aid agreements in January 2013. One agreement was for disaster assistance, such as floods and other natural disasters. The other agreement involved operational assistance and voluntary cooperation that addresses other mutual aid needs, such as ad hoc operations that cross jurisdictional lines.

Emergency Operations

The Florida Sheriffs Task Force developed an Emergency Mobilization Plan to outline the procedure for the state Emergency Operations Center Command Advisory Team. For more information, contact FSA Law Enforcement Coordinator David Brand.