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Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program

The Florida Sheriffs Association established the Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program in 2012 as a solution to offsite inmate medical costs. The program’s selected provider is Prime Corrections. Unlike the Department of Corrections and the Department of Juvenile Justice, jails are not guaranteed any caps on inmate medical costs. While some counties can negotiate good rates with local hospitals, others struggle when the inmate is taken offsite to receive medical care.

The program is an enhancement to onsite medical care and does not carry any enrollment fee. Sheriffs or county-run jails only pay for the service if savings are achieved. A portion of the savings goes to pay for the negotiation and intense review of medical bills for offsite inmate medical care.

offsite inmate medical saving program banner with two logos

To understand how significant the savings can be, Levy County Sheriff’s Office was able to save over $280,000 or roughly 60% on a single medical claim. This program gives the sheriffs and/or the county access to a nationwide network of medical providers with an average savings of 35-40%. The program works in concert with the contracts already established for in house medical services, so you can keep your current agreements in place.

For details, to receive more information or to enroll, contact our Prime Corrections Florida representative, Nico DiGioia.