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Criminal Apprehension Assistance Program

Criminal Apprehension Assistance Program

In 2018, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) established the Criminal Apprehension Assistance Program (CAAP). The program is a collaborative partnership between sheriffs’ offices and Florida crime-stopper organizations where FSA will double the financial reward for information that leads to the successful arrest for certain high-priority crimes. The CAAP works to assist sheriffs’ offices investigating crimes of violence, heinous crimes or high-profile cases where leads are limited, and when rapid identification and apprehension of offenders is critical due to the seriousness of the crime.

Anonymous information provided to law enforcement is often the key to apprehending dangerous criminals. By accepting anonymous information, crime stopper organizations encourage citizen engagement in solving crimes and eliminate the fear of reprisal on the part of a witness.  FSA is proud to be able to double the amount of rewards in order to bring peace and justice to our communities.

How CAAP Works

This program operates with a committee of sheriffs and is staffed by FSA.  The CAAP Committee is comprised of at least 3 sheriffs who are appointed by the FSA President to provide oversight, review and approval of CAAP applications for funding, process and distribution of funds.  Any sheriff can request funds by submitting a brief summary application that is listed below.  FSA staff then presents this summary to the CAAP Committee for review and approval. If approved, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between FSA and the local crime stopper organization, and the media is notified about this increased financial reward.

Sheriff’s Office CAAP Application

Sheriffs can use this link to submit CAAP applications online: