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Cold Case Advisory Commission

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Cold Case Advisory Commission

Many of our sheriffs’ offices have unsolved homicide and missing person cases in an open status pending additional evidence or information. Attention and resources may be diverted away from aggressively pursuing a resolution in some of these cases due to limited resources being dedicated to recently committed crimes.

To respond to this need, the Florida Sheriffs Association created the Cold Case Advisory Commission. This Commission, under the leadership of a sheriff appointed by the president, meets quarterly to discuss strategies and hear cold homicide investigation case presentations from submitting law enforcement agencies. The Commission will hear cases submitted by any state or local agency within the jurisdictions of our sheriffs.

The Commission is multi-disciplinary with each member being appointed by the Commission Chair. When cases are presented, advice regarding investigative steps and legal strategy may be offered to the case officer. Additionally, personnel and specialty resources may be extended to the presenting agency by the Commission Chair to assist with solving the homicide.

Cold Case Advisory Commission members

The Commission is comprised of the following members:

  • A Chair, who is a sheriff, appointed by the president
  • Two Vice-Chairs, who are sheriffs, appointed by the Chair
  • A medical examiner
  • A medical examiner investigator
  • A DNA scientist
  • 12 homicide investigators, crime scene techs, and other specialists
  • An assistant statewide prosecutor
  • A State Attorney
  • A representative from the Attorney General’s Office
  • An FDLE Missing and Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse representative
  • A Florida Department of Corrections representative
  • An FDLE Florida Fusion Center representative
  • A forensic anthropologist
  • A judge
  • A legal advisor
  • An FDLE Office of Statewide Intelligence representative
  • A citizen

Florida Sheriffs Association Law Enforcement Coordinator David Brand can be contacted for additional information and instructions on how to submit a case for review email or by phone.