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General Programs

Florida Sheriffs Accreditation Assistance Program

The FSA established the Florida Sheriffs Accreditation Assistance Program in 2021 to support the Florida sheriffs’ offices in achieving and maintaining law enforcement accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA). In 1993, Florida Statute 943.125 directed the Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Police Chiefs’ Association to create a voluntary law enforcement accreditation program, and that led to the successful establishment of CFA. CFA is recognized as the premier state law enforcement accreditation program in the United States. Accreditation encourages continual internal review to improve organization functions, promote best practices, and increase community confidence in law enforcement. Achieving accredited status demonstrates that an agency has met established standards of high quality through an extensive self-study and external review.

FSA Accreditation Coordinators assist these agencies with policy development and review, facilities inspections, and training required to meet accreditation standards.

The work of this program is guided by a committee of sheriffs appointed by the current President of the Florida Sheriffs Association. Committee members are not directly involved in accreditation issues, but review and approve proposals to assist with the accreditation process.