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Escambia Deputy Honored with Medal of Heroism

June 23, 2015

During today’s meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott recognized Escambia County Deputy Sheriff Kerem Suhi with the Medal of Heroism for his bravery and quick reaction during a dangerous situation where he saved a fellow officer’s life. 

In March 2013, Deputy Suhi joined Sergeant Shedrick Johnson and other officers in response to a robbery call in Pensacola. Upon arriving to the scene, the suspect abruptly opened the home’s garage door as Sergeant Johnson made repeated calls inside. The suspect opened fire on Sergeant Johnson and he was struck in the leg. After witnessing the incident, Deputy Suhi quickly responded and worked to help his fellow officer. As Deputy Suhi was carrying Sergeant Johnson away, he saw the suspect aim his firearm at them, so he quickly moved to a safe position behind a vehicle where he worked to save Sergeant Johnson. Deputy Suhi’s quick thinking in the line of fire saved Sergeant Johnson’s life and both made a full recovery. 

Governor Scott said, “Officer Suhi risked his life to protect a fellow officer and demonstrated tremendous courage in a dangerous situation. I am honored to present him with the Medal of Heroism and thank him for his commitment to protecting the families of our state.” 

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said, “I join Governor Scott and the families of Escambia County in recognizing the bravery of Deputy Kerem Suhi who risked his life to protect his fellow officers. He is a great example of the commitment that our law enforcement officers share in protecting our community.”

This blog was published using content from a press release from the Office of Governor Rick Scott