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Florida Sheriffs Association Weighs in on Pot Vote

November 05, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (November  5, 2014) – For the past year, the Florida Sheriffs Association and the Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot Coalition have been educating Floridians about  the dangers of legalizing marijuana and the likely impact if Amendment 2 were passed. Florida voters have spoken and Article X, Section 29 will not be added to the Florida Constitution. 

“We are confident that the voters of Florida have made the right decision,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “The people of Florida were too smart to buy into the weak language and huge loopholes into this amendment, which would have created de facto legalization of marijuana and given our children legal access.

“The Florida Sheriffs Association is dedicated to the education of Floridians,” Judd continued. “The goal of Sheriffs every day is to keep Floridians safe by creating an environment where residents and visitors alike can live, work and play.”

The Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot Coalition believes that legalization of marijuana would have adversely impacted our state and its citizens. To learn more about this issue and the Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot coalition, please visit [url=][/url].  

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