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Florida Sheriffs Respond to ICE Detainer Issue and Request Greater Cooperation from DHS

April 04, 2017

Today, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) weighed in on immigration enforcement. FSA challenged a weekly list published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of sheriffs’ offices who are not cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Florida Sheriffs expressed frustration with DHS’ unwillingness to work with local sheriffs within the constraints of federal case law to ensure our nation’s laws are being legally enforced.

At the heart of the problem is ICE’s detainer and civil arrest forms. The courts and statutory law prohibit sheriffs from keeping people in jail based only on receipt of these forms. ICE wants the sheriffs to comply with these detainers and civil arrest forms when we cannot lawfully do so. Failure to comply with these ICE requests improperly results in a sheriff being labeled by DHS as non-cooperative.

“This is a very disheartening problem that needs to be handled immediately,” said Sheriff Jerry Demings, FSA President and Sheriff of Orange County. “We support and cooperate with ICE in their efforts to identify and deport criminal aliens. However, we also swear under oath to protect, support, and defend the U. S. Constitution. We are here to serve our communities and our country, and are simply asking for enhanced information sharing between federal, state, and local law enforcement regarding illegal immigrants.”

We join sheriffs’ offices from other states in denouncing DHS lists of non-cooperating agencies. We ask for greater cooperation from DHS as well as a meaningful partnership between federal and local law enforcement.

“Regardless of what agency is on that list, we know that we’re obeying the law,” said FSA Legislative Chair and Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. “That is why we’re concerned with the issue at large. We must work together to determine the best way to move forward, put aside our differences, and determine what is right for every community in America.”

As a result of recent cases, the FSA has included information regarding the legal effect of an ICE detainer and the issues confronting sheriffs as a result of these detainers. Inquiries concerning the information can be directed to the Sheriff’s legal advisor or, for further issues, Wayne Evans, General Counsel for the FSA, at or (850) 561-3503. For the full legal alert, visit

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