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FSA Accreditation Coordinator, Juli Brown, Earns Certified Accreditation for Rare Fourth Time

May 25, 2022

In 2021, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) launched the Florida Sheriffs Accreditation Assistance Program to support Florida sheriffs’ offices of all sizes achieve and maintain law enforcement accreditation. This program is an investment into the future of public safety in Florida and a first-of-its-kind initiative nationally.

The FSA has assembled a dedicated team of accreditation professionals that are recognized statewide as being the best of the best in their respective industry. Juli Brown, one of FSA’s Accreditation Coordinators, is an ideal example of the talent that will be working with Florida’s sheriffs to assist them in the accreditation process. Recently, Juli earned the designation of Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) for the fourth time. Very few earn the CAP designation and even less can maintain it. This designation and maintenance of the designation are seen as the pinnacle achievement within this profession.

“It is an incredible honor for the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition Executive Board to vote favorably for the approval of my recertification,” said FSA Accreditation Coordinator Juli Brown. “Every three years during the recertification process, I am required to reflect on my contributions and accomplishments since my last certification and document them for review by the board.  This is a great time for CAP recipients to sit back and reflect on how our contributions have affected the accreditation community and been an asset to the agencies we serve.”

This achievement is important as it helps ensure that the Florida Sheriffs Accreditation Assistance Program team is knowledgeable about everything relating to policy development and review, facility inspections, and any training required for sheriffs’ offices to meet accreditation standards.

“We are incredibly proud of Juli and the rare achievement that she has achieved. This designation puts her in a gold medal class within the accreditation field. This will not only be beneficial for Florida, but it helps us to continue building the national roadmap of how accreditation assistance programs should be developed,” said Dr. Steven Hougland, FSA’s Director of Research and Accreditation.

The work of this program is guided by a committee of sheriffs appointed by the current President of the Florida Sheriffs Association. Committee members are not directly involved in accreditation issues, but review and approve proposals to assist with the accreditation process.

“It is an extraordinary experience to chair this accreditation committee when we can work with world-class professionals such as Juli and the entire team at FSA,” said Accreditation Advisory Committee Chair and Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman. “When it comes to accreditation, there is no room for error. The process promotes best practices and increases community confidence which aligns with the goals we want to accomplish for the public safety of all Florida communities. I am confident we will reach our goals because of the great team that has been assembled at FSA.”


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