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Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Crime Analyst Sean Ryan Awarded 2023 Florida Sheriffs Association Civilian of the Year

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) announces that Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Crime Analyst Sean Ryan is the 2023 Florida Sheriffs Association’s Civilian of the Year. This award recognizes exemplary service above self by a civilian employed at a Florida Sheriff’s office and is proudly sponsored by the Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund.

“Crime Analyst Sean Ryan is most deserving of this award because of the extraordinary efforts he has made to curb gang activity in our community,” said Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma. “His actions directly reflect the values and commitment of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office to reduce crime and ensure Seminole County continues to be a wonderful place to live, work and visit.”

During the 2022 calendar year, opposing gang groups began surfacing and interacting in Seminole County, which resulted in multiple shootings and homicides. Crime Analyst Sean Ryan quickly became the Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding the opposing gangs, helping detectives, State Attorneys, FBI Special Agents, and U.S. Attorneys, and ultimately testifying in Federal Court. Through the efforts of Crime Analyst Ryan, the team identified several suspects in the recent homicides and drive-by shootings (and even uncovered a roster identifying key gang members as well as their position in the organization). Ryan familiarized himself with the social media of all gang members, family in the area, vehicles used, where they call home, and who they associate with.

Crime Analyst Ryan was analytically embedded within this investigation, became the expert to obtain and confirm information, and was relentlessly committed to stopping these gangs and ending the violence. While the investigation is ongoing, the leader and many other key players involved in the gang activities have been convicted in Federal Court, thanks to the efforts of Crime Analyst Ryan.

The professional way Crime Analyst Ryan worked extremely long hours, presented facts, assisted detectives, and testified in Federal Court was above and beyond expectations. His work ethic reflected nothing less than excellence in his field, serving as a strong pillar of support for the team.

“Analyst Sean Ryan is the perfect representation of what this award stands for,” said FSA President and Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper. “He has shown leadership in more ways than one, and we are proud to recognize his hard work through this award.”

Crime Analyst Ryan is dedicated to being a gang expert with the goal of stopping them and the violence they recklessly spread. Seminole County has Crime Analyst Ryan to thank for making the community safer and more comfortable for the people who live there.

“We are proud to sponsor the Civilian of the Year award to celebrate the remarkable contributions of dedicated community members,” said Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund Executive Director Don Eslinger. “Crime Analyst Ryan is an incredible example of the impact individuals can have in their communities.”

For more information on this achievement, watch the official video here:

From left to right: Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison, Crime Analyst Sean Ryan, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma, Hernando County Sheriff and FSA’s Immediate Past President Al Nienhuis


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