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FSA Cooperative Purchasing Program Participates in Annual Summer Conference

July 01, 2021

The Florida Sheriffs Association, Cooperative Purchasing Program (CPP) participated in the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) Annual Summer Conference in Orlando June 29 through July 2, 2021. CPP was represented by Craig Chown, CPP Manager, Ray Griffin, CPP Fleet Advisory Chair, and Sarrah Glassner, Deputy Executive Director of Administration.

The FSA CPP and FAC partner to provide streamlined and cost effective purchasing opportunities for counties and other purchasers statewide. During the conference, the CPP team provided information to several county commissioners and county administrators about the administrative efficiencies and cost benefits of the CPP Program.

In addition, CPP offers purchasers a wide range of vehicles, heavy trucks, heavy equipment, and tires. CPP provides superior customer service and technical assistance to purchasers to meet their purchasing needs. Some issues discussed with county officials included the availability of vehicles and equipment given recent manufacturer production issues, federal funding opportunities, and requests for CPP technical assistance.

Sarrah Glassner presented awards to the counties with the highest amount of purchases from CPP based on large, medium, and small population criteria. The awarded counties included: Miami-Dade, Seminole, and Gadsden.