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FSA Assists Law Enforcement by Administrating Federal 1122 Program

June 24, 2021

One unique way that Florida Sheriffs Association helps law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida is by administering the Federal 1122 Program. This program enables state and local government agencies to take advantage of significant discounts, which are normally only available to the federal government due to its large-volume purchases. The Florida Sheriffs Association makes it possible for the agencies to stretch their budget dollars when purchasing items used to support their counter drug, homeland security and emergency response operations. This month, the association was able to help support law enforcement efforts not just on land, but in the water, by assisting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) with the purchase of a new airboat and trailer. Just by using the 1122 Program, FWC was able to get the equipment needed and saved thousands of dollars. If land and water are not the focus, the 1122 Program can also achieve large savings for air! The association has helped sheriffs offices save over 50% on certain helicopter parts used in counter-drug efforts. To learn more about the 1122 Program, please visit the association’s website at