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FSA Helps Sheriff’s Office Employees Plan for the Future

May 26, 2021

The Florida Sheriffs Association works to support all members of the office of the sheriff, beyond their working days and into retirement. The FSA Deferred Compensation Program started out back in 1986 when a group of sheriffs recognized the need to encourage their employees to prepare for their future. With twenty-five sheriffs' offices currently participating, and over 5,400 individuals being served, the program has grown to support many individuals and families in reaching retirement goals.

The program is administered by Nationwide and gives participants many investment options and even the ability to enroll in self-directed brokerage accounts. The program is designed to help all participants by pulling together the funds from all participating agencies, creating better buying power and lower fees for everyone involved.  DALBAR once again recognized Nationwide Retirement Solutions with the 2021 Customer Experience Excellence Award. DALBAR found that Nationwide provides award-winning experiences for participants across three service channels.  Read more about their award here.

The Florida Sheriffs Association manages the program and looks for ways to add value to the participants’ investments. In 2018, the Florida Sheriffs Association also added an investment advisory team, Burgess Chambers & Associates, to provide reviews of investment performances, advice on investment options, and education sessions for sheriff's office employees. Florida Sheriffs Association wants to support the members of the office of the sheriff beyond their career. Offering a program where all 67 sheriffs' offices in the State of Florida can work together to obtain the best investment options and fees while providing great service is one way to meet that goal.