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FSA Launches New Contracts with 200 Vendors

July 09, 2020

This week, the FSA staff and Fleet Advisory Committee successfully held two major meetings with more than 200 vendors as the final launch for the upcoming competitive bids for the sale of vehicles, heavy vehicles and equipment.  Vendors represent companies from across the state and nation and compete to be able to offer their products on the Florida Sheriffs Association’s contracts. They include companies like, Ring Power, Duval Ford, and Generac.

This partnership with private business allows FSA to relieve the burden from governments by providing the administrative function of the competitive procurement.  This saves agencies time and money. Through the contract’s expansion, FSA’s service also allows agencies to get more than one quote for the same product. These three contracts account for more than two thirds of this program’s revenue, which allow sheriffs to get state of the art training and advocate for public safety issues.

The Fleet Advisory Committee is a group of subject matter experts that review vehicle and equipment specifications and perform the majority of the evaluation process when bids come in.  Before this pre-bid meeting, the group assessed more than 1,000 specifications.

Upon award of the contract, nearly 900 items will be offered to meet the needs of purchasers – saving limited taxpayer resources.  Some notable highlights and achievements include:

  • Pre-orders for manufacturer production pursuit vehicles
  • Expansion of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electric refuse trucks
  • Solar charging stations for electric vehicles and alternative power sources for power outages
  • Increased fleet maintenance equipment

To learn more about the FSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, click here: CPP