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FSA Salutes SEOC/Emergency Management Directors

June 16, 2021

By David Brand, Florida Sheriffs Association 

With the seasonal weather systems waltzing across the Atlantic Ocean, swirling about in the Caribbean, and turning north either in the Gulf Stream or into the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is ground zero for hurricanes. The Florida Sheriffs Association Task Force is on call from early June to November each year to respond to our sheriffs' needs. Working collectively with the Florida Department of Emergency Management, and other law enforcement agencies, sheriffs’ strike teams are dispatched into affected areas of impact to assist other sheriffs in their efforts to protect property and the safety of our citizens.

Several of our sheriffs have the county emergency management directors on their staff. This allows the sheriffs to have direct control over the county-wide response to natural disasters and consequently able to prioritize the response which may include the distribution of emergency supplies and the management of heavy equipment to clear roadways.

As with every other public safety issue, our sheriffs recognize the power of a collective effort to achieve common goals across county jurisdictions.