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FSA Statement On Negotiations Ending with No Agreement Being Met on Police Reform

September 23, 2021

The Sheriffs of Florida appreciate U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina for not only having an open-door policy to hear input from public safety leaders, but also input from leaders throughout various communities that included civic organizations, the faith community, minority organizations, and families who have suffered tragic loss. The ability to engage, remain dedicated, and then strike a balance with all these heavily involved leaders is a feat that deserves recognition from everyone. Senator Scott’s work to provide more resources to implement first-class training, equipment, professional accreditation standards, and police accountability is commended. Most importantly, the Senator’s work would ensure only the very best individuals would be allowed to wear the badge.

After months of research and negotiations, we are disappointed that key Democrat lawmakers walked away from the negotiating table. The win-lose approach they required is a proven tactic to ensure nothing is accomplished.

We are confident with Senator Tim Scott’s leadership that professional police reform, which is a win-win for all Americans, can be obtained. As the guardians of our communities, with or without national police reform legislation, we remain committed to continue to research, negotiate, and make improvements so that we exceed the expectations of those we are sworn to serve and protect.

Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum, FSA President