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FSA Task Force Operation Spring Cleaning Earned Substantial Numbers to Help Keep Florida Safe

May 02, 2018

Today, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) Task Force released the results of Operation Spring Cleaning, a strategic initiative in 35 Florida counties that focused on the investigation and subsequent arrest of those manufacturing, delivering or trafficking controlled substances. During this operation, deputies pulled 4,988 drug traffickers off the streets, confiscated nearly 12.5 million grams of controlled substances, and seized 1,679 firearms in arrests made for unlawful possession.

“The widespread use of controlled substances has devasted communities across our state,” said FSA President and Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Enforcing controlled substance policies under Florida Statute 893.03 is a top priority for law enforcement officers to keep families and local communities safe.”

The following are the result of the six-month operation running from October 2017 through April 2018:

  • 4,988 persons arrested for trafficking or sale and delivery of controlled substances listed under Florida Statute 893.03
  • Nearly 12.5 million grams of controlled substances confiscated
  • 1,679 firearms seized
  • 410 ancillary arrests for unlawful possession of a firearm when arrested for trafficking or sale and delivery
  • 730 arrests for outstanding warrants when person was arrested for trafficking/sale and delivery

“Operation Spring Cleaning has been a massive undertaking and I am so proud of the work that has been done on this task force operation,” said Charlotte County Sheriff William Prummell, Jr. and Chair of the FSA Task Force. “We have declared war on drug trafficking here in the Sunshine State, and Operation Spring Cleaning was our calling card.”

Operation Spring Cleaning contributes to two of the FSA business operations goals: to foster effective law enforcement and crime prevention and to promote the activities of Sheriffs. The results of this task force operation have led to many successful closed investigations of drug trafficking in the state of Florida.

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The Florida Sheriffs Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation made up of the Sheriffs of Florida, approximately 3,500 business leaders and 70,000 citizens throughout the state. Founded in 1893, FSA has steadfastly served the citizens of Florida by supporting the needs of the state's law enforcement community. Through the Florida Sheriffs Association, Sheriffs are given a forum to address lawmakers to push for positive changes in Florida’s public safety arena. FSA also provides Sheriffs' Offices much-needed programs such as affordable training, special task forces and legislative and legal services. Dedicated to the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the development of lawful, productive citizens, FSA has established and funded the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches with facilities throughout the state to help restore hope, fulfill dreams, and prepare boys and girls for the future. It has grown to be one of the largest and most successful state law enforcement associations in the nation. For more information on the Florida Sheriffs Association, visit [url=][/url].