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FSA to Launch Blog

September 11, 2013

The Florida Sheriffs Association will be launching a blog in the coming weeks. In the interim, Executive Director Steve Casey was moved to write a special message to members and supporters of the Florida Sheriffs Association.

September 9, 2013 – Message from Steve Casey, FSA Executive Director:  This morning, I had the honor of representing the Sheriffs of Florida at the Florida’s Missing Children’s Day Ceremony. The annual ceremony is held by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, at the state capitol, in order to honor the families of the children who are missing and the law enforcement officers and other community members who work to locate them.

These ceremonies never fail to touch my heart, when I see the families embraced by the Governor and the First Lady of Florida and see them place a rose on the portrait of their lost child. When I meet these families and hear their stories, I realize the magnitude of the tragedy they have experienced and it reaffirms my resolve to do everything I can to protect children and keep this from happening to another family.  

This year, I noted there were two high profile cases where the children who were abducted were transported to foreign countries (i.e.: Cuba; Syria and later Saudi Arabia). Despite the distance involved and the complexities of international law, these children were reunited with their families. Hearing this leaves me with a sense of HOPE that other missing children will find their way home too.

Sheriffs in Florida, and their deputies, know first-hand just how complex and difficult these cases are, as they are often the first responders to the scene and work tirelessly to ensure these children are returned to their families.  They are also the ones that track down the suspects that abduct these children and ensure they are brought to justice. 

There is an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It is true, we are all part of that village and as members we must be the guardians of the children that reside with us and take action to protect the children when needed. 

To learn more about the ceremony and the work law enforcement is doing to protect children please visit FDLE's web page.

Until next time.