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Florida Sheriffs Task Force Operation School Zone Safety Earned Substantial Numbers to Help Keep Our Children Safe

May 14, 2019

Today, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) Task Force released the results of Operation School Zone Safety, a strategic initiative in 40 Florida counties that focused on providing a high level of patrol in school zones to ensure that children had a safe return to school from Spring Break. During this operation, 4,040 warnings and 2,819 traffic citations were issued, 5,263 hours were dedicated during the enforcement period, 105 arrests were made, 172 community notifications were developed and 2,040 of citizens were educated on the safety efforts during the Task Force Operation School Zone Safety.

“The safety of our children is always a top priority for law enforcement statewide,” said FSA President and Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter. “Enforcing applicable state laws to comply with statutory requirements regarding unlawful speed, bicycle and pedestrian violations, and school bus stop signals is important to keeping families and local communities safe.”

The following are the statewide totals:

  • 4,040 warnings issued:
    • 3,053 for unlawful speeding
    • 54 passing school bus signal
    • 588 bicycle violations
    • 345 pedestrian violations
  • 2,819 uniform traffic citations issued:
    • 2,593 for unlawful speeding
    • 174 passing school bus signal
    • 22 bicycle violations
    • 30 pedestrian violations
  • 5,263 hours dedicated during enforcement period
  • 105 arrests (applicable F.S.S.)
  • 172 social media, sign messages and related communications developed and put out to citizens
  • 2,040 citizen education efforts conducted through operation

“Operation School Zone Safety has been a massive undertaking and I am so proud of the work that has been done on this task force operation,” said Charlotte County Sheriff William Prummell, Jr. and Chair of the FSA Task Force. “Florida’s Sheriffs are committed to maintaining the quality of life Floridians have come to expect. We are equally committed to ensuring the safety of our children by educating the motoring public and enforcing our established traffic laws.”

Operation Spring Cleaning contributes to two of the FSA business operations goals: to foster effective law enforcement and crime prevention and to promote the activities of Sheriffs.


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