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Orange County Corrections Officer Honored as the Florida Sheriffs Association 2021 Corrections Officer of the Year

From left to right: Karen Davies of Corizon Health, FSA President and Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz, Orange County Corrections Officer Sergeant Frederick Carter, Orange County Chief of Corrections Louis Quiñones

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) is pleased to announce that Orange County Corrections Officer Sergeant Frederick Carter has been selected as the 2021 Corrections Officer of the Year. Each year, the award is presented at the FSA Winter Conference to an officer who has demonstrated exceptional service. This award is sponsored by Corizon Health.

Sergeant Carter is applauded for his life-saving heroism. This award is no surprise to his colleagues as he is well known for putting the needs of others before his own.

On March 21, 2020, Sergeant Carter was working as the assigned supervisor to the Orange County Booking and Release Center when an armed suspect was able to take four people hostage inside. Sergeant Carter observed what was occurring and took immediate action. He obtained a firearm from a transportation vehicle and remained at a safe distance. From this distance, he stayed vigilant to observe actions made by the hostage taker until additional law enforcement support arrived. Upon their arrival, Sergeant Carter coordinated with SWAT and the Hostage Negotiation's Team, which allowed them to establish communication with the hostage taker. Due to the initial response actions taken by Sergeant Carter, the hostage taker was taken into custody, and no escape, serious injuries or fatalities occurred.

The following month, Sergeant Carter was the lead supervisor along with five other Correctional Officers assigned to transport seven inmates to a medication treatment facility. While enroute to the facility, the van transporting three male inmates was unexpectantly struck by another vehicle that had ran a stop sign. Sergeant Carter immediately checked on the well-being of the officers and inmates involved, then requested that officers armed with shotguns make a perimeter around the vehicles for the safety of both the inmates and public. Sergeant Carter also requested additional correctional officers respond to the incident so the inmates could be transported to the hospital.

“Sergeant Carter is a dedicated officer who goes above and beyond for his fellow officers and community,” said Orange County Corrections Chief Louis A. Quiñones, Jr. “The leadership and commitment Sergeant Carter has shown during his time working for the Orange County Corrections Department proves how deserving he is of the honor of being named FSA Corrections Officer of the Year.”

The Florida Sheriffs Association Corrections Officer of the Year Award is proudly sponsored by Corizon Health. During the annual winter conference banquet, Sergeant Carter was given a standing ovation from the attendees.

The official award video is:

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