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Recognizing Black History in Law Enforcement

February 11, 2021

Black History Month is a time for celebration and recognition of African American achievements in U.S. History. This month, we also celebrate African Americans in Florida law enforcement, historically and currently, who sought and seek to make a difference in their communities. Pictured below is a group portrait of African American law enforcement officers in Leon County in 1962 located in the hallway of the Florida Sheriffs Association headquarters building.

Honorable Highlights

Sheriff Nat Glover

Sheriff Nathaniel Glover Jr. was elected in 1995 as Jacksonville’s sheriff and remained in office for eight years. Sheriff Glover made history as he was the first and only black sheriff elected in Florida since Reconstruction in the 20th century.

Read two of Sheriff Glover’s interviews where he speaks about his experience with law enforcement and his motivation to run for sheriff:

Sheriff Morris Young

Currently in office is Sheriff Morris Young of Gadsden County. He was elected in 2004 making him the second black sheriff to be elected in Florida history and the first in Gadsden County, the only majority-Black county in Florida. He currently sits on the Florida Sheriffs Association board as one of three Directors for District 1. In 2020, Sheriff Young was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to the Task Force to Reopen Florida.

Watch two of Sheriff Young’s “Behind the Badge” Interviews by the Florida Sheriffs Association: 

Chief Charles Scriven

Chief Charles Scriven was hired as a patrolman by the Jacksonville Police Department in 1955. With hard work and dedication, he remained focused on bettering his community and reforming trust between the two groups even through segregation and the Civil Rights movement. He continuously worked his way up the latter and eventually became the first African-American Police Chief at JPD.

Watch Chief Charles Scriven’s interview with the Jacksonville History Show where he speaks about his experience and journey as a law enforcement officer: