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‘See Something, Say Something,’ Now More Relevant Than Ever

December 07, 2015

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Americans are worried about keeping our own nation safe. Originally launched in 2002 by the Metropolitan Service Authority (MTA), the “See Something, Say Something” campaign has continued to evolve and is now a collaborative effort between the MTA, city, state and federal governments.

Funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DHS requested permission from the MTA to license the use of the slogan nationwide in 2010 and the campaign was relaunched in 2015 with the hashtag #SeeSay and the line “Homeland security begins with hometown security.”

Many other enforcement agencies have their own iterations of the campaign, such as, sponsored by Washington-area transit agencies Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and Virginia Railway Express (VRE).

Campaign outreach materials have been customized for partners in the program, including the hospitality industry, the five major sports leagues (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL), the U.S. Tennis Association, Wal-Mart and the Mall of America, among others.

The goal of the campaign is to alert civilians about how they can prevent a terrorist attack. By engaging the public to play a critical role in keeping our nation safe, the campaign encourages people to report suspicious activity to state and local law enforcement.

The public is encouraged to report suspicious activity to local law enforcement and to describe specifically what they observed, including who or what they saw, when they saw it, where it occurred and why they think it is suspicious.

Local communities can make a difference. We each have a role to play in keeping our communities safe by playing attention to our surroundings and reporting suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

The National Sheriff’s Association President Danny Glick also provides a message of support:

“Our thoughts, prayers and support pour out to the people of France and the noble and professional law enforcement officers who are responding to the attacks, protecting citizens and bringing those who did these horrific acts to justice during this heartbreaking and difficult time.

“NSA has been assured that we will continue to receive updates and will be advised of any threats to our homeland. Law enforcement here in the United States must continue to remain ever vigilant.”

Sheriff Danny Glick
National Sheriffs’ Association