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Seminole County Cpl. Joseph Klinger Named FSA Corrections Officer of the Year

(See video and photo below)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (February  5, 2014) – The Florida Sheriffs Association announced today that Corporal Joseph Klinger of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office has been selected as the 2014 Corrections Officer of the Year. The award, presented each year at the FSA Winter Conference, is given to a Correctional Officer who has demonstrated exemplary service in the line of duty. FSA Executive Director Steve Casey and President Sheriff Grady Judd presented Cpl. Klinger with the award. 

Criminal Intelligence is defined as, “any information with additional value that can be used by law enforcement to deal with a crime.” During his time in the criminal intelligence unit at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Cpl. Klinger has established himself as an extremely pro-active corrections officer and demonstrates a work ethic second to none. In years past this award has been given out in recognition of a single heroic event, but the work Cpl. Klinger does on a daily basis is very much “heroic.” Cpl. Klinger regularly provides insight and information about inmates that is considered invaluable to prosecutors. In one instance, an inmate attempted to manipulate the phone system in a way to discredit the evidence that was being presented at trial. Cpl. Klinger determined how the inmate was manipulating the phone system and described it to the state attorney’s office; this was  presented to a judge, which saved the evidence. In another case, an inmate was pretending to act mentally ill, but after intercepting messages sent to family members, Cpl. Klinger was able to determine that the inmate was indeed only faking. 

“I could not be more proud of Joe and all of his outstanding accomplishments that demonstrate his commitment to the protection of the citizens of Seminole County,” said Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger. “Joe’s actions serve as a constant reminder of the incredible dedication and service of our corrections officers.”     
Musicians, athletes, and actors are often described as having that “it factor” that separates them from everyone else in their field. Cpl. Klinger has that “it factor,” which always puts him one step ahead. Anyone who has worked with Cpl. Klinger will tell you he is their go-to guy when it comes to uncovering that one vital piece of information needed to make a case. Time and time again, Cpl. Klinger has shown the value the Criminal Intelligence Unit and how it not only helps prosecution but also helps keep the community safe. Yet another case illustrates: When an inmate was attempting to commit mortgage fraud while incarcerated, Cpl. Klinger was able to intercept communications that had been previously missed, which was used to prevent this individual from defrauding the public once again.  

“The Florida Sheriffs Association is honored to recognize Corporal Joseph Klinger for his commitment and dedication to law enforcement and corrections,” said FSA President and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “His attention to detail and keen intuition make Cpl. Klinger a valued asset for the Seminole County Sheriff’s office and we are privileged to recognize him with this award.”

Corrections officers are a vital component of the law enforcement system, which the Florida Sheriffs Associations seeks to recognize through this important award. And Cpl. Klinger proves the value in building relationships with the inmates which often leads to uncovering critical pieces of information that law enforcement and prosecutors can use to bring other criminals to justice and protect citizens. 




The Florida Sheriffs Association's Corrections Officer of the Year, Cpl. Joseph Klinger
The Florida Sheriffs Association's Corrections Officer of the Year, Cpl. Joseph Klinger at center with Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger (left) and FSA President, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

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