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Sheriff Hunter on Serving Florida

August 31, 2018

Being elected as the Sheriff of Columbia County was the greatest moment in my law enforcement career. The trust I gained from my community when they elected me as their sheriff is one that I do not take for granted. With this in mind, my first priority as the President of the Florida Sheriffs Association is to promote the importance of Amendment 10, which protects the citizen’s right to choose their local constitutional officers. The Office of Sheriff is at a critical crossroad this election cycle as the citizens of our state could potentially lose their right to elect their local sheriff. It is of the upmost importance that every sheriff in the state of Florida educates their community on why Amendment 10 is so important.

School safety is another issue that affects all Florida sheriffs. It is our duty to protect our children and allow them to learn and flourish in a safe environment. This year we will focus on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act (SB 7026) by working with our legislators to further define the role of law enforcement in keeping our children safe.

When my term as FSA President comes to an end, my goal is to be able to say that the Office of Sheriff in the state of Florida is and always will be elected by the people, and that our children have the opportunity to grow and learn in the safest environment we can provide.