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The Value of an FSA Membership

July 17, 2022

Since 1893, the Florida Sheriffs Association has worked to support, train and equip sheriffs in the state of Florida and beyond. But we couldn’t do it alone.

That’s where our members come in – individuals, businesses and agencies that partner with us each year. When you become a member of the FSA, you are providing important resources that allow us to serve the sheriffs’ offices in our state in countless ways. In fact, 85 percent of all donations to the FSA go to programs that enhance law enforcement and the well-being of Florida communities.

The value of an FSA membership is more than just showing support. It’s taking action. Here are five ways we work to make a difference in our state every day.

Opportunities for Kids and Teens

Across the state, FSA is dedicated to keeping children safe and providing opportunities for a brighter future. From the 173,000 children and families impacted by the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches to the $92,000 in student scholarships awarded, we believe in investing in the future of our great state.

In addition, the Florida Sheriffs Explorers Association has trained more than 256 young adults about the law enforcement profession, and 2,000 teen drivers each year learn important road safety skills through our Teen Driver Challenge.  

Lifesaving Equipment

There are times when a piece of equipment isn’t just helpful – it’s a lifeline. That’s why FSA has purchased 662 bulletproof life vests for law enforcement officials in fiscally constrained counties that need them, but unfortunately don’t have the budget. On September 25, 2020, a deputy’s life was saved after employing the use of one of these life-saving vests provided by the FSA. Our members helped make that happen by making contributions to our Bulletproof Vest Grant Program

Important Education

A law enforcement agency is only as good as the training and education of its employees. When you support the FSA, you are helping us provide curriculum to keep our Florida sheriffs and deputies sharp and up to date on the latest technology. In 2021, we provided over 22,000 training hours to law enforcement officers, including active shooting training as well as on issues related to mental health, de-escalation, cybersecurity and human trafficking.

Cutting-Edge Research

FSA is proud to conduct comprehensive research on important issues affecting Florida law enforcement officers, their families and the state. This includes vital research on topics such as truth in sentencing and repeat offenders of violent and serious crimes. These issues are relevant to the future of public safety of not just Florida, but the entire nation.

Vital Task Force Operations

Another priority of the FSA is to address statewide areas of concern, such as illegal drugs and human trafficking, through targeted initiatives. That’s why we created the Florida Sheriffs Task Force, which brings together sheriffs and their resources from multiple counties working together for larger stings and undercover operations. Past efforts have included removing $1.5 million in illegal drugs off the street and a mass arrest of sexual predators.

Additional Value of an FSA Membership

In addition to serving our state, being an FSA member means receiving great benefits. It’s just our way of saying, “Thanks.”

As an honorary member, you’ll receive a membership card, exclusive window decals, an annual subscription to The Sheriff’s Star and The Rancher magazines, access to our newsletter and exclusive discounts. Silver and Gold members receive complimentary gifts, such as a lapel pin and an automobile plate.

We also offer memberships for businesses that want to show their support for the sheriffs of Florida. Business members receive similar benefits with the added perks of displaying the FSA Business Member logo on their website and a recognition gift displaying their membership level.

If you are part of a sheriff’s office, a state, local or federal law enforcement agency or are a retired officer, we have a dedicated membership just for you.

Becoming a member of the Florida Sheriffs Association means supporting your community through leadership, innovative practices, legislative initiatives, education and training. Click here to learn more or become a member today.