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Three Deputies Shot

October 29, 2010

A domestic violence incident in Escambia County Friday ended with multiple wounded, including three deputies – one of them, Jeremy Cassady, remains in critical condition. The female victim was also shot five times by her former boyfriend, but is expected to recover.

According to reports, when Deputies Jeremy Cassady, Chad Brown and Sam Parker responded to the home invasion call, they heard screaming. Forcing their way into the home, they discovered the suspect using the victim, Jackie Rosenbloom, as a human shield. The suspect fired multiple shots, hitting all three of the deputies, before retreating to a bathroom and turning on the faucets to flood the home. The SWAT Team arrived and a hostage negotiator convinced the suspect to put the gun down. The man dropped the gun in the toilet and turned himself in. Rosenbloom was carried from the home with multiple wounds to her legs.

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