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103. Week 7 Legislative Recap

February 23, 2024
Kids on mobile devices

In this episode, FSA provides a Week 7 legislative recap. This week we highlight HB 1 and why sheriffs support this social media bill’s passage into law. House Speaker Paul Renner recently stated HB 1 is the most important measure Florida can take to empower parents and save children from irreparable harm of the addictive features employed by many social media platforms. We also have Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson testifying in committee in support of the SAFE Act, which will voluntarily permit a special designation on a person’s driver license who has been diagnosed with certain disabilities or disorders. Sheriff Johnson enlightens us as to why this bill is necessary and how having more information before encounters with citizens with special needs can saves lives. We end with an update on the progress we are making during session on school safety legislation with the House passing HB 1473 this week.