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Behind the Badge with Jefferson County Sheriff David Hobbs

August 08, 2016

In this Behind the Badge blog, Jefferson County Sheriff David Hobbs discusses how the traditional role of the sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in the county is still at play in rural communities such as his, there is an added expectation for the sheriff to take opportunities to interact with and assist community members, sometimes in situations not within the confines of law enforcement. Sheriff Hobbs believes there is a larger stress on community relations in rural counties; members of the county like to have the opportunity to see and talk to the sheriff, whereas in larger counties, residents may never see the sheriff—except on TV. Sheriff Hobbs believes community relations are becoming more important than ever, given the current climate of policing. Sheriff Hobbs also stresses the importance and value of FSA, how the association helped him 12 years ago when he began his duties as sheriff and how he still benefits from networking with other sheriffs at conferences.