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Deputy Con Kelley Honored as the 2011 Florida Sheriffs Association Deputy of the Year

August 03, 2011

For Immediate Release

Deputy Con Kelley of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Honored as the 2011 Florida Sheriffs Association “Deputy Sheriff of the Year”
~ Protecting citizens and property during neighborhood gun battle
demonstrated exemplary bravery and service

(See video below)

Tallahassee, Fla. (August 3, 2011) – The Florida Sheriffs Association today announced that Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy, Con Kelley, has been selected as the “2011 Deputy Sheriff of the Year.” Kelley is being recognized today at the FSA Summer Conference in Daytona Beach for his dedication to law enforcement and his oath to serve and protect the public.

“We congratulate Deputy Kelley and all the other outstanding officers who were nominated,” said Steve Casey, Executive Director of the Florida Sheriffs Association. “We give thanks to all of the Florida Law Enforcement officers who protect our great state every day. The Florida Sheriffs’ Offices embody excellence as we make a difference in each of the 67 counties we serve, and we are honored that the exemplary efforts of Clay County Deputy Sheriff Con Kelley were recognized today.”

Kelley began his Law Enforcement career in Virginia after spending six years working in various areas within the field of Health Administration, in which he holds a Master’s degree. After two years with the Henrico County Division in Richmond, Virginia, Kelley found his way to Florida becoming a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for nearly four years before moving to the Clay County with his wife of 17 years, Ginger. It was in 2009 when Kelley started with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office where he consistently received exceptional evaluations, even during his probationary period.

His extraordinary law enforcement skills are reflected in his peers in the department nominating him for recognition twice in the two years he has been there. These skills were put to the test on the night of November 11, 2010 when Deputy Kelley responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle car or person made by Mr. Terrance Denson, who lived in the gated community where the unknown vehicles were parked. After arriving on scene, Deputy Kelley was flagged down by Mr. Denson, who showed Deputy Kelley the building where the suspects had been seen going around. After relaying his location to dispatch, Deputy Kelley approached the building and could hear arguing coming from the garage. As he got closer he could hear screaming and multiple gun shots coming from inside and noticed the garage door beginning to open. As the door opened Deputy Kelley was confronted by the two suspects and a brief gun battle ensued, in which one of the suspects was killed. The second suspect was captured after a brief foot pursuit by Deputy Kelley. He then assisted with the evacuation of citizens in the area as well as maintaining the perimeter. Upon further investigation of the crime scene, a third subject was found in the garage with multiple gunshot wounds. He ultimately died enroute to the hospital, where it was determined he was the homeowner’s cousin who was watching the house at the time of the incident.

The bravery of Deputy Kelley and the swift actions he employed led to the apprehension of two criminals who took the life of an innocent man, and prevention of further casualties.

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