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FSA and FPCA Joint Statement on Support of Law Enforcement

October 12, 2016

The Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Police Chiefs Association Call on All Elected Officials, Business Leaders, Religious Organizations, and Citizens to Vocally Support Law Enforcement Officers as well as the Profession of Law Enforcement

Recently, there have been several tragic, unnecessary shootings that resulted in the death of law enforcement officers in cities like Dallas and Baton Rouge. Law enforcement officers are the peacekeepers and protectors of our American homeland.  The senseless killing of a police officer is devastating for their families, colleagues, and the communities in which they live and serve.

We ask for prayers and support for the victims and their families. We also ask the community to report suspicious behavior that may assist authorities in identifying those who are planning violence. The goal is to prevent impending attacks and preserve all human life.

We stand in solidarity with the brave men and women in law enforcement who are charged with enforcing laws in a fair and impartial manner and who do so every day without regard to a person's race, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, or creed. Law enforcement officers handle the vast majority of their responses to calls for service without the use of any physical force. Research proves that suspects are rarely injured or killed while in police custody. But there has been a false narrative propagated by some in the media and others who have self-serving interests that law enforcement officers across the nation have developed patterns of excessive use of force. 

The Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Police Chiefs Association call on all elected officials and community leaders to end the negative rhetoric that drives a wedge between the police and citizens. The Sheriffs and Police Chiefs of Florida will work diligently to build strong relationships with our communities to ensure that all interactions are safe for both the citizens and law enforcement.