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How to Identify and Report Possible Domestic Violence

October 26, 2019

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October is domestic violence awareness month. During this time, we recognize those who have been victims of this crime and we look at how we can prevent these injustices in the future. If you believe someone you know is a potential victim of domestic violence, speak with the individual about your concerns and offer helpful resources. Local law enforcement is always a viable option and should be contacted as needed. For personal help, do not be afraid to reach out to friends or family members, and be sure to visit your local domestic violence resource center. The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence provides a list of locations for the certified domestic violence centers in each county. These centers provide shelter, counseling, educational resources, safety planning, and many other valuable resources should they become neccesary.

We also encourage you to follow these tips and more from the Citrus County Sheriff's Office:

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