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How To Prevent Crimes During Hurricane Season

September 01, 2020

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With hurricane season already in progress, storm preparation is a major priority for many. While most people have an idea what to gather in preparation for the intense weather (extra food and water, sandbags, flashlights, etc.), few know what steps to take in preparation for the increase in crime that follows a natural disaster. In times of devastation, looting seems to be one of the most common issues faced globally. This type of crime can be prevented by taking simple precautionary steps, such as locking away items of value and keeping your home and car doors locked at all times. In addition, an increase in scamming crimes occur after disasters where fake charities ask for donations. If you would like to donate to relief efforts and ensure your contributions are going to an actual, helpful cause, donations should be given directly to recognizable charities. To verify the authenticity of a charity in question, research the charity at Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance.

During a state of emergency, it is important to come together as a community. With this in mind, we also encourage you to follow these tips from the Tallahassee Police Department2:

  • Work together with your neighbors and help each other keep an eye on homes throughout the storm.
  • Criminals will look for easy opportunity crimes before and after a storm. Secure your valuables by locking the doors to your home, business, and vehicles. If you plan on leaving your home, take important paperwork such as birth certificates and bank documents with you.
  • Don’t announce your hurricane preparation plans on social media. There is no need to alert potentialcriminals if you are leaving your home.