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How to Protect Yourself While Walking through a Parking Lot

April 15, 2020

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Regardless if it is at our place of work, the gym, the grocery store, the mall, the movie theater, or even when arriving or leaving church, we find ourselves almost daily in a parking lot where violent criminals can easily approach us for a robbery, theft, abduction, or assault.

Being aware of your surroundings decreases your chances of becoming a victim of one of these crimes. In addition, approaching your vehicle with your keys already in your hand and looking around your vehicle for any suspicious activity before entering are two techniques that can help keep you and your family safe when encountering a parking lot.

We also encourage you to follow these tips from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office:

  • Prior to exiting the safe surroundings of the store or building, make sure that you visibly scan the parking lot and exterior of the location for anyone loitering or suspicious.
  • If you discover someone is following you, go back in the store or building.
  • Keep your cell phone close by should you need to dial 911.
  •  Intentionally set off your car’s alarm to purposely draw attention to yourself.
  • Once you arrive at your vehicle, have stored your packages, and have entered your vehicle immediately lock your doors, put on your seat belt, and exit the parking lot.
  • As you start to travel home make sure you keep constant vigil to make sure that no one is following you home, especially if you have just patronized an ATM or left a bank.

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