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5 Points with Sheriff Mike Adkinson

June 03, 2015

The job of Sheriff, once thought of as a local position, now requires a global focus. In addition to fighting the effects of crime in their communities these men and women must work with other law-enforcement agencies on a statewide, federal and even international level to strike at the roots of the problems. We recently sat down with Walton County Sheriff Mike Adkinson to learn a little more about him and what is happening in his community.

Check out 5 points with Sheriff Adkinson.

1. What is the most pressing public issue that faces your county (or our state), and why?

The deterioration of the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.  There is a disconnect between the job we are asked to do and what it takes to actually do it.

2. If visitors could see or do one thing in your county, what would it be, and why?

Our world’s most beautiful beaches

3. If you could allow a celebrity to be “Sheriff for a Day” in your county, who would it be, and why?

Governor Mike Huckabee – he has outstanding moral character and does a great job in how he conducts himself.

4. Describe your single greatest achievement as sheriff.

Changing the culture of our organization.  We have enhanced our expectations both internally and externally.

5. Is there a case that still haunts you today? If so, why?

The Kemberly Ramer Case.  Kemberly disappeared Aug 15, 1997 from Opp, AL.  Even though her disappearance took place before coming into office, our agency has assisted in the case due to leads in our area.  I have worked with Kemberly’s mother and we will continue to work together to find out what happened to Kemberly and bring justice to the family.