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Law Enforcement Families Can Offset Expenses with Scholarships for College

May 23, 2024

With the cost of education continually increasing, it is more important than ever for law enforcement families to identify scholarships for college. When you are searching for scholarships for your high school-aged dependents, the list below provides many options.


With the support of more than 100,000 members, FSA is proud to award scholarships to 20 hard-working Florida students pursuing a career in law enforcement, corrections or another criminal justice field. These students are looking to follow in the footsteps of their parents who work at one of Florida’s 67 sheriffs’ offices.

The FSA Criminal Justice Scholarship provides $2,000 to 10 children of full-time employees in a Florida sheriff’s office seeking degrees in the field of criminal justice. Students must attend a college or community college that is regionally accredited and be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Within the application, candidates certify they are planning a career in law enforcement, law, corrections or a related criminal justice field. The next deadline is April 2025.

The FSA STEM Scholarships offers 10 additional college scholarships to Florida students pursuing a degree in a STEM field: Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Valued at $2,000 each, the scholarships are awarded to the children of full-time employees in a Florida sheriff’s office. Students must attend a college or community college that is regionally accredited and be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. The next deadline is February 2025.


Many of our law enforcement families are also military families. To see if your family member may qualify for these programs, visit scholarships for military families or the official benefits page on the service agency websites. Additional scholarships for military teens can be found here.


In addition to the FSA and military options, children of law enforcement families may also be eligible for the following scholarships.

The Florida State Fraternal Order of Police offers the George Webster Memorial State Scholarship Program, with awards ranging from $500 to a four-year renewable scholarship of $2,000. The scholarship is based on scholastic achievement, academic schedule, community involvement, and prior work history. The recipient must be a freshman entering college who is the son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of an active member in good standing of a local FOP Lodge in the state of Florida. The deadline is in January.

A Heroes Family Scholarship was created to help families of first responders, law enforcement, fire, or the military who lost their parent or spouse to an on-duty tragedy. This scholarship is open to students in any field of study who are pursuing a two- or four-year degree, which can include a traditional college program, trade or vocational school, or professional certificate program. The next deadline is June 20, 2024, and one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded.

The Proud Police Wife website links to multiple scholarships for children of law enforcement officers.

The United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association Steve Van Dyke Memorial Scholarship offers educational scholarships to dependent children of current, full-time commissioned law enforcement officers.

The National Rifle Association Foundation offers the NRA Foundation Frontline Heroes Scholarship, which is a one-time annual award up to $10,000 for one eligible candidate. Candidates should be graduating high school juniors or college students in their freshman, sophomore, or junior year. Eligible students are children of a currently serving, full-time first responder who is a fire fighter, nurse, law enforcement officer, corrections officer, or military personnel. Children of first responders who have retired, are disabled or are deceased are also eligible if the parent served in a full-time role. Applications are due in March.

The First Responders Children’s Foundation helps children of first responders achieve their goals through scholarships and a powerful community network. Each scholarship recipient is also a member of the Scholars Council, which is a group of peers and working professionals connected to a broader community of supportive mentors and partner organizations. The deadline is in May. Priority is given to students whose parent suffered a line of duty disability or death, but all eligible children of first responders are encouraged to apply.

The National Sheriffs’ Educational Foundation provides grants, scholarships, distributions, and loans on a non-discriminatory basis to eligible students and individuals studying law enforcement and crime prevention and affiliated courses at accredited educational facilities, colleges, and/or universities.

The Florida Sheriff’s Explorers Association Scholarship provides assistance for an active Explorer, in good standing, of a chartered Sheriff’s Explorer Unit. The scholarship must be presented to a high school senior or a college student who is younger than 21. FSEA also offers a Basic Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship.

Check with your educational institution for more information about available scholarships for children of parents who work in law enforcement. Scholarships may be individually listed on the school websites under Criminal Justice or Criminology. High school students should also explore what is available through their school counselors as well as local community and education foundations.

For more information specifically about FSA scholarships, call (850) 877-2165.