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How to Celebrate National Police Week

May 19, 2023

Behind the badges and uniforms, there are individuals who bravely serve and protect our communities every single day. One week is set aside each year to show them how much that sacrifice truly means.

National Police Week was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. He designated May 15 to be National Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week in which May 15 falls (this year, May 14-20) as National Police Week. Every year, events are held in Washington D.C. to commemorate the occasion, including a widely attended Candlelight Vigil to honor fallen officers.

While this year’s National Police Week is winding to a close, there are still ways you can honor and celebrate local law enforcement officers all year long. Here are five simple ways to show you appreciate law enforcement officers in your own community.

1.    Write a Thank You Note

To show your appreciation to local law enforcement, write a thank you note to your local sheriff’s office or police station. Share what their protection means to you and thank them for their service to the community.

This is a great activity for kids to get involved in – they can draw pictures or sign the note themselves. This allows you to show your appreciation at little to no cost and will mean a lot to the men and women on the receiving end of your words, whether you mail the note or drop it off in-person. Sometimes the simplest gestures hold the most meaning.

2.    Visit the FSA Memorial

Another way to uplift law enforcement in your community is by honoring and remembering the fallen. The FSA Law Enforcement Memorial honors heroes in our community who made the ultimate sacrifice. The names of those who gave their lives the prior year are added to the wall during the annual memorial service. Eight names were added at this year’s ceremony at the end of April. 

The wall and monument are in front of the FSA headquarters, 2617 Mahan Drive, in Tallahassee, and are open to the public year-round. Visit the site, take a moment to pay your respects and say a prayer for the families and loved ones of the fallen.

3.    Drop Off a Snack

There’s an old cliché that law enforcement officers love donuts, but truly, who doesn’t enjoy a donut every now and then? One simple way to show your appreciation is by dropping off food or snacks at your local sheriff’s office or police station.  You might just make their day.

Choose something pre-made or packaged by a restaurant to keep it as simple, and sanitary, as possible. Some ideas include a chicken nugget tray, a box of donuts or a tray of cookies. Just be sure to call ahead to make sure you are dropping the food at an appropriate location. 

4.    Share Your Experiences

National Police Week is the perfect time to share your own experiences about law enforcement in your community. This idea doesn’t cost a cent and can make a tremendous impact on friends, family members and those who work in law enforcement. 

Simply craft a Facebook or Instagram post sharing a story about a positive interaction you had with law enforcement this past year and what it meant to you. Use these hashtags: #NationalPoliceWeek, #PoliceWeek and #NationalPoliceWeek2023.

5.    Make a Donation

Finally, you can positively impact your community by supporting and equipping those who work to make it a better place.  Donate to a law-enforcement-affiliated cause or foundation close to your heart, such as FSA. 

You can make an FSA Memorial specific donation to help us honor fallen officers and their loved ones. Learn more here.

Support Local Law Enforcement with FSA

National Police Week is a great reminder to appreciate local law enforcement, but the work doesn’t end there. You can support, encourage and equip sheriff’s offices in your community every day by becoming a member of the Florida Sheriffs Association. 

The mission of the Florida Sheriffs Association as a self-sustaining, charitable organization is to foster the effectiveness of the Office of Sheriff through leadership, education and training, innovative practices and legislative initiatives. Joining the Florida Sheriffs Association is a tangible way to express your support for the work that our sheriffs do to protect families like yours every day.

Join your friends and neighbors and become a member today.