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National Telecommunicators Week – help us recognize these important people!

April 08, 2015

April 12th to the 18th is National Public Safety Telecommunications week and during that week, we will be recognizing the diligence and professionalism of our Telecommunicators – Sheriff’s dispatchers – who serve in communications center. We would like to encourage others to recognize them as well.

Our dispatchers are the first ones to get emergency calls and what they do with those calls can often greatly influence the outcome of the event in question. The pressure and stress of the job is high, and the hard work they do every day deserves thanks from all of us.

Since 1968, 911 has served as the vital link between the American public and emergency services, and it is with great pride that our highly skilled public safety dispatchers who have contributed substantially to the apprehension of criminals, suppression of fires, and treatment of patients be recognized for their efforts.

“Our dispatchers are a crucial part in our efforts to keep this community safe,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “They talk with people in crisis on a regular basis; they keep track of our deputies and detectives and make sure they are safe; and they do it all so well we sometimes take them for granted. This week is a time for us all to remember how hard they work, and how much they do.”

Public safety agencies nationwide take one week a year – the second full week in April – to recognize the pivotal role played by telecommunicators, dispatchers, communications operators, radio control personnel – ALL those people, by whatever job title, who utilize telephones, radios, computers and technical skill to provide support to law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services and other governmental field personnel. 

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office would like everyone to take a little time to think about the crucial role played by our Sheriff's Office communications officers. They handle thousands of phone calls, dispatch deputies, firefighters and paramedics and do their utmost to keep the public safe as they perform one of the most stressful positions in law enforcement