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How to Safely Prepare for Vacation

June 04, 2021

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As school comes to a close, often times families begin to think about summer vacation. Planning for a summer trip can be an exciting time. It’s important to remember to complete an inspection around your home and check in with dependable neighbors before departing for your getaway. Summer and vacations are supposed to be fun times. You can continue to keep your home safe and secure even while you’re away by following a few simple steps from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office:

  • The Postal Service provides a “hold mail” service, which will safely hold your mail while you are away. Visit the United States Postal Service at: HOLD MY MAIL for further information.
  • Make arrangements to have your grass cut and maintained.
  • Do NOT leave a message on your voice mail that you are away on vacation
  • If you are leaving vehicles at your home make sure they are LOCKED and remove garage door openers
  • Lock your garage door. Disengage or turn off power to the automatic door opener
  • Check your lighting to make sure it’s in proper working order. Lighting is the #1 crime deterrent! Motion sensor lighting or dusk to dawn lighting can give your home the appearance of someone being there.

Enjoy your vacation, and safe travels!

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